Going For A Bathroom Remodel: 5 Things You Must Never Forget

A beautiful bathroom makes you feel more than fancy, it’s a place where you can calm down and unwind after a long day. Maybe that’s why it’s one of the most remodeled parts in American households. While  one-third  (33%) Americans renovate their bathroom to get rid of its old look, 25% do so to personalize it, and 31% upgrade it to repair a breakdown or damage.

Whatever the reasons are, a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming. For starters, there are plenty of bathroom design choices, making it harder to make a decision. Plus, you also need to think about your needs and redesign the bathroom to address them perfectly. Although, this isn’t an impossible task. It isn’t a walk in the park either.

Out of the many things you need to consider, we have shortlisted a few common ones. Here’re a few bathroom remodel tips you mustn’t forget.

1. Chalk Down A Clear-Cut Budget

This may seem obvious. But, you would be surprised as to how many bathroom remodel projects spiral out of budget. If you don’t want your project to suffer the same fate, you would better plan your budget to a tee.

You need to set a realistic budget. So, the first step would be to define what parts of the bathroom you want to upgrade. If you want to replace your old plumbing, toilet, tiles, flooring, cabinets, sink, and everything else, your bathroom remodel cost would be substantial. See if you can afford a complete overhaul. Else, you can upgrade various parts of your bathroom one by one.

Furthermore, check the cost of bathroom renovation locally. Reach out to local hardware shops, bathroom remodeling companies, and vendors to understand how much the raw material and labor will cost. Usually, high-end materials and skilled labor are expensive. Make sure to factor that into your budget calculations.

It is also necessary to consider the unexpected bathroom remodel costs. Despite your careful planning, you may have to cover additional costs. It could be weak flooring support, rusted plumbing, or rotten walls. So, keeping aside at least a fifth of your total budget for unexpected costs is a good idea.

2. Consider The Style And Design You Want

From half baths to full-blown wet baths, bathrooms come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. You will need to decide which type and style of bathroom you want before getting your project started. The following factors will influence your choice of bathroom remodel.

  • The size and dimensions of your bathroom space.
  • Your budget.
  • Decide whether you need a bathtub.
  • How much light and storage do you require.
  • If you need one or two faucets, additional plumbing, etc.
  • The number of people using the bathroom.

For example, you can fit in a half bath in a small space. It’s not too expensive to turn a small area of your house into a half bath. Or, you can convert two small adjacent bathrooms into a bigger one. It can be a luxurious bathroom remodel that matches your interior. 

3. Decide How Much Lighting You Need

Most people get carried away with the bathroom design and interior so much that lighting often takes a backseat in their planning. However, the bathroom is where you will take care of your makeup, hair, and other personal hygiene. So, this is an incredibly important step involved in a bathroom remodel.

Lighting needs will vary from homeowner to homeowner. But, most professional bathroom remodeling services recommend letting as much natural light in as possible. You can use multiple windows or even a skylight to let the sunshine in. That way, you can check your makeup and hair in natural light, telling you how you will look when you step out.

That said, you will also need very dim lighting, especially when you want to relax. So, a dimmer switch is a must. It will allow you to adjust brightness depending on your bathroom needs. Think all such things through because you will have to lay the wiring and lighting fixtures based on these considerations.

4. Ventilation Is Equally Important

Ventilation is necessary to keep your bathroom safe from moisture-related troubles. Usually, ventilation is not a problem because most bathrooms have a fan. It can remove the excess moisture and bathroom odors quickly and efficiently. But, make sure to consider a few things during your bathroom remodel.

Generally, it is best to choose a fan with a cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) capacity same as your bathroom’s square footage. So, if your bathroom is 100 sq ft, install a fan with 100 CFM capacity. That should help keep your bathroom safe from fungus, mold, and mildew.

And install the fan in the right place. Keeping it as close to the bathtub or shower is recommended to remove the moisture quickly. You can also get a fan with a humidity sensor. The fan will turn on when the humidity level rises. You don’t have to switch it on/off during every bathroom visit.

5. Place The Mirror Correctly

Another essential but often overlooked element during a bathroom remodel is the mirror. Apart from the convenience, a carefully placed mirror can also add to your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Moreover, it can make your bathroom look spacious.

Usually, a wide mirror can accentuate the width of your bathroom, while a vertical mirror will bring out its height. So, choose a mirror based on the size and layout of your bathroom. You should hang the mirror a few inches (five to ten) above your vanity or sink. It needs to be at a comfortable height for everyone.

The mirror should also be a few inches smaller than the vanity or sink area. Center the mirror properly for a great look. You can hang two mirrors, easpecially if you have two sinks or plan to add them during your bathroom remodel.

In Conclusion

There you are! These are some of the most critical bathroom remodel tips that you mustn’t forget. With these renovation tips, you can spruce up your bathroom without going over your budget and within a given timeframe.

However, if you are unsure of where to begin, give us a call. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts can help you get the best renovation without breaking a sweat. You can call us at 948-540-8859 or schedule a free consultation with our experts.

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