How to Tile a Backsplash in 7 Easy Steps

There’s no underestimating the power of a well-chosen kitchen backsplash. For starters, they prevent water, grease, and other debris from damaging the walls behind your stoves and sinks. But function aside, backsplashes can add a fun visual element to your kitchen with their unique designs and patterns. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘how to tile a kitchen backsplash on drywall?’ or…

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Steer Clear of These 8 Common Kitchen Backsplash Mistakes

Choosing the right backsplash can be one of the most challenging aspects of a kitchen remodel. Being an incredibly important focal point, backsplashes help tie your kitchen together. You really can’t afford to go wrong with them. That said, backsplashes are often an afterthought for homeowners and uninitiated remodelers. But considering the vast variety of options out there, you should…

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How to Choose a Modern Kitchen Backsplash for Your Countertop

A modern kitchen backsplash is an integral part of any up-to-date kitchen design. However, it is also frequently ignored with people paying more attention to kitchen countertops, storage and appliances. While this is perfectly alright, it is important to remember that the kitchen backsplash deserves your attention and consideration too. After all, it does keep your kitchen walls from getting dirty…

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