Everything You Need to Know About KraftMaid Cabinets

Are you thinking of renovating your house? Of course, you are. Who doesn’t want their home to look more beautiful and comfortable? One of the most critical aspects of home renovation is the cabinets. But these days, cabinets are more than just functionality – they are a style statement.

In other words, you need to think about getting the only best cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. That’s where KraftMaid cabinets come in. KraftMaid is one of the leading cabinet manufacturers, offering sophisticated and durable solutions.

Let’s learn a little bit more about KraftMaid cabinets.

A. Made to Last

Cabinets are an investment that should last for a lifetime. While that may not always be possible, you should invest in high-quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets that last longer. KraftMaid cabinets are one of the longest-lasting storage solutions out there.

KraftMaid offers excellent craftsmanship. The DuraKraft Plus Finishing Process ensures extended durability for all their cabinets. This process can keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets as beautiful in 20 years as they were at the time of installation.

The process comprises four steps, beginning with the highest grades of renewable American hardwoods. After careful lumber-drying, the wood gets processed under state-of-the-art sanding machines. The process also uses a high-quality joint sealant to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

After adding color to the KraftMaid cabinet doors, the process ends with a proprietary two-layer topcoat. While the first layer seals the color, the second layer provides a silky-smooth texture and additional protection. This means your cabinets will last longer, require low maintenance, and keep turning heads years after renovation.

In addition to this, KraftMaid cabinets also come with 3/4″ solid wood drawers. Found on all four sides of KraftMaid drawers, these sturdy joints can last generations. Plus, the I-beam’s sturdy construction helps the cabinets last long. The full-depth braces help the cabinets remain stable and operate without a squeak for years.  

What more can you ask?

So, if you have your next renovation planned, think of installing KraftMaid kitchen cabinets.

B. Works Silently

Durability isn’t the only feature that makes KraftMaid cabinets popular. They are also silent. 

That’s right! 

After a few years of installation, most cabinets will start making that horrible sound when closing. But not the KraftMaid cabinets because they come with the Whisper Touch™ System.

The Whisper Touch hinge and drawer runner system works silently. The Whisper Touch™ hinges are concealed and work silently every time you open and close the door. You can also adjust the hinges in six ways to ensure perfect alignment.

Whisper Touch™ drawer runners also offer equally silent functionality. These drawers will close silently, whether the KraftMaid cabinets hold glassware or bathing towels. Even if you slam the drawers shut, you are unlikely to hear a jarring grate. You can easily access the content without making any noise.

C. Vibrant Colors and Different Styles

Another feature that makes KraftMaid cabinets stand out from the rest is the style. KraftMaid has developed a 14-step finishing process to ensure beauty and durability for all its cabinets. Everything, including the color paint, stain, and specialty finish, undergoes the proprietary process, offering you the best finish.

But that’s not all! KraftMaid offers more than 15 shades of color. In short, finding a color and style that perfectly complements the rest of your décor is easy. KraftMaid cabinets also come with hand-applied highlights. These highlights are available in the corners, crevices, and ridges of the door and drawer fronts. The stunning and enhanced look these highlights create will surely attract attention.

KraftMaid cabinet colors also come with a translucent finish. This finish helps bring out the wood’s natural color. The natural grain looks more beautiful and lasts longer, making KraftMaid cabinets a popular choice in bathroom and kitchen remodels.

D. Better and Stronger Storage Capability

Another excellent feature of KraftMaid cabinets is the storage space. 

All the KraftMaid cabinet drawers come with 90-LB drawer slides. They can hold anything under 90 pounds with ease. You can store cast iron kitchen tools in these drawers as long as they are not heavier than 90 pounds. The cabinets also have 3/4″ face frames, which help reduce the risk of snags and scratches.

Each KraftMaid cabinet, kitchen or bath, also comes with deep drawer boxes with full-extension drawers. This gives you more storage space than any other cabinets on the market. You can readily load up oddly shaped utensils and kitchen tools in those drawers.

But most importantly, the drawers extend beyond the cabinet face. So, you get an unobstructed view of what’s inside the drawer. You can easily access what you want. 

The 3/4″ fully adjustable shelves provide 25% more usable storage compared to half-depth shelves. You can position the shelves to fit your storage needs. But you will need to use satin chrome wall cabinet shelf rests and locking base cabinet clips. This is a unique benefit KraftMaid cabinets can offer.

E. Cost Compatibility at Its Best

Cost is also a critical factor when buying kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Different factors will affect the overall cost of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. For example, stock cabinets or standard-sized cabinets are often less expensive than custom designs. Moreover, material, labor, durability, and wood quality will affect the overall cost.

As you can see, KraftMaid cabinet costs can be a little on the higher side. But those cabinets pay for themselves in the long run. KraftMaid offers unquestionable quality, durability, and craftsmanship. Remember the Whisper Touch™ drawer runners, 25% more usable storage, and 90-LB drawer slides, among other features. That’s why KraftMaid cabinets can last longer.

And why wouldn’t you want to pay a little extra upfront if the cabinets can last for years?

In Conclusion 

KraftMaid is a leading name in the kitchen and bathroom cabinet market. The well-known brand offers several cabinet styles, designs, and colors at a reasonable price point. These cabinets also come with unique proprietary features, including silent operation, durability, 3/4″ Face Frames, and 90-LB drawer slides, among others. After reading about these features, you will see that installing KraftMaid kitchen cabinets is a great way to refurbish your home.

If you want to add KraftMaid cabinets to your kitchen or bath, OMG Kitchen and Bath can help. Talk to our experts about all your kitchen and bath cabinet needs. Contact us today!

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