Going for a Kitchen Remodel? 9 Appliances You Must Have

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August 12, 2022 / 6 Minute Read

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Kitchen remodeling is a tough job. It requires careful planning. One of the most crucial aspects of kitchen remodel includes choosing the right appliances that make day-to-day cooking easy.

These appliances will decide how much storage and countertop space you’ll need along with the overall design of your remodeled kitchen.

And as it happens, you can’t have them all. So, which ones should you consider during your kitchen remodel?

In this post, we’ll discuss the various appliances your kitchen needs – ranging from a dishwasher to a coffee maker. Let’s dive in.

1. Microwave

A microwave is, by far, one of the most essential appliances to have in your kitchen. Whether you want to reheat your food, keep your meals warm, or bake cakes, the microwave is an appliance that no household can do without in the modern fast-paced times.

If you always seem to be in rush, you should certainly make place for a high-quality microwave in your kitchen remodeling blueprint. It’ll help you thaw frozen foods, steam or grill vegetables, and reheat leftovers in a jiffy.

Having a microwave is a must if you harbor a soft spot for baking. From cakes and breads to brownies and cookies, explore away with this appliance. All you need is a good recipe and the possibilities can be endless.

2. Dishwasher

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and cooking dinner for your family, only to watch the dinner dishes piling up in the sink. This is where a dishwasher can bail you out. They’re sturdy appliances built to clean and sanitize dishes. What’s more? They’ll dry them too!

Different dishwashers come with different features. So be sure to choose a model that suits your household’s needs. Ideally, it should be eco-friendly and use less water while providing optimal cleaning.  

3. Toaster

If you’re someone who enjoys eating a hearty breakfast before pushing yourself into the frenzy of daily life, then a toaster is exactly what you need. From toasting bread to defrosting those delicious waffles, your toaster will do it all for you, making your morning routine more pleasant.

Of course, you need to buy the right toaster that has easy-to-control settings. It should also help you toast multiple slices of bread at a time. Once that’s done, let your culinary instincts take over and whip up delightful fares.

4. Slow Cooker

Do you like to cook your food slowly and evenly? If yes, the slow cooker needs to find a permanent place in your kitchen. After all, what better way to preserve the flavors while enjoying the pleasures of epicureanism minus the hurry?

When buying a slow cooker, make sure to get one with multiple settings that allow you to cook different types of food at different temperatures and timeframes. Some slow cookers also come with a removable ceramic bowl to make cleaning easier.

Of course, it needs to be kept and maintained carefully. During the kitchen remodeling, do make sure you have a sturdy storage space built for placing it safely once the cooking is done.

5. Electric Grill

While nothing really beats outdoor barbecues, using charcoal and wood as fuel when trying things indoors can be disastrous. Not to mention the particulate matter they produce can ruin the quality of your indoor air.

Unless you don’t mind grilling in your backyard in inclement conditions, get yourself an electric grill and add versatility to your kitchen in a safe manner. Whether you’re in the mood for grilled vegetables and meat or bacon and eggs, your electric grill will do the job right. You’ll get to enjoy the food you like regardless of the weather.

6. Food Processor

If you’ve ever prepared a meal from scratch, you probably know that certain recipes require chopping, dicing, slicing, hand-cutting, and so on. Various hand-held tools can be used to get these results. But when you’re cooking a dish where the ingredients need to be integrated, you’re going to need a food processor.

If you frequently make patties, purees, sauces, salsa, and similar dishes, you should find a food processor extremely handy. It’ll help save your time and effort, while adding finesse to all the dishes you create.

7. Mixer

Few will disagree if we said that a mixer is the go-to appliance for people who enjoy baking. Both, hand and standing mixers are saviors for bakers since they help in making breads, pastries, and more. You’ll find a variety of mixers in the market, so your choice will depend on your budget, storage space, and baking needs.

We always recommend having a good-quality mixer in the kitchen. You never know when you or your family will crave that delicious homemade pie or sourdough. You’ll find your mixer steadily becoming your ally in your baking endeavors.

8. Automatic Coffee Maker

What better than a freshly-brewed pot of coffee to kickstart your mornings? Lucky for all the java aficionados in America, there’s a plethora of automatic coffee makers to choose from. The automatic variant will brew your favorite roast with minimal effort, allowing you to enjoy a hot cuppa first thing every morning!

The best thing about automatic coffee makers is that they’re programmable, easy-to-use, and give consistent output. In fact, some high-end models will even grind your coffee beans for you, so you don’t have to do this cumbersome task yourself.

9. Immersion Circulators

Immersion circulators are different from immersion blenders in that immersion circulators are built to work while submerged in liquids and evenly heat it. They also help maintain a constant temperature in the liquid being cooked.

If you’re into sous vide cooking, you’ll know what we’re talking about. This kind of cooking provides benefits such as better consistency and precision, which can be super important when cooking meat. It also offers a higher degree of food safety, while consuming less energy. When remodeling your kitchen, ensure to create a designated place for this modern marvel as well.

Get Complete Storage Solutions for All Your Appliances at OMG Kitchens

The above-mentioned kitchen appliances can certainly help make your day-to-day life easier. But if you want to be sure that you get the best features and bang for your buck, make sure to do your homework before making any purchase.

Now that you have a fair idea of how many appliances you need, you should start thinking about having a dedicated place for each one in your kitchen. Do factor their shape and size into your kitchen remodeling plan so you can get the storage measurements right. This step will also ensure smooth installation of your new kitchen cabinets during the remodeling.

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