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A few years ago, the bathroom was a functional necessity, nothing more! As long as it served a purpose, no one really bothered to jazz it up. But things have changed a lot since. 

Today, everyone wants to have an Instagram-worthy bathroom. The reasons for ringing up a bathroom remodel contractor may vary, but bathroom remodeling has become the mainstay of home renovations.

According to Statista:

  • 39% of people do it the moment they have the means.
  • 33% of owners want to remodel because they can’t stand the dated bathroom.
  • 29% do it because their old bathroom deteriorated or broke down.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a bathroom that goes beyond a humble sink, a chest of drawers, and an alcove tub. But before you start looking for bath remodeling services, you have to consider one critical factor – the bathroom remodels cost in Orange County.

A. Understanding the Bathroom Remodel in a Nutshell

Let’s get it clear – a bathroom remodel is not the same as a bathroom renovation. While the latter focuses on structural modifications like the walls, flooring, or the size of the space, remodeling is more about updating the appearance. Thus, a remodel essentially gives your older bathroom a new look.

However, remodeling also improves functionality by adding missing features. For example, you can use custom bathroom cabinets to increase your overall storage capacity. Likewise, you can add a new shower or bathroom mirror to improve its functionality.

B. Does Your Home Need a Bathroom Remodel?

As mentioned before, a bathroom remodel helps improve the aesthetics. So, having a beautiful and functional bathroom can be remarkably uplifting. But more importantly, remodeled bathrooms can drive up your home’s resale value.

In fact, bathroom remodeling has one of the best ROIs. According to Zillow, minor cosmetic changes can yield a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1 you spend. These changes include upgrading the hardware, adding new bathroom cabinets or adding new ones, painting the walls, adding new tiles, or swapping out the mirror.

C. How Much Will Bathroom Remodel Cost in Orange County?

Before going ahead with your bathroom remodel, you must learn how much it will cost. Full or even half-bath remodel cost varies from state to state.

In California, where Orange County is located, the average remodel cost in 2022 was $34,911. But it also offered one of the best ROIs, around 74.40%. In other words, investing in a bathroom remodel can be an advantage, especially if you are reselling your home.

But several factors will affect the cost of your bath remodel.

Let’s break them down.

1. Size of the Bathroom

One of the first things you will need to consider is the size of your bathroom. As you can imagine, the half-bath remodel cost would be the lowest. Half baths are no more than 30-35 sq ft in size. They also have fewer bells and whistles. You don’t have enough room to fit in a new separate shower, double bathroom sinks, and a body-length mirror. So, the overall remodel cost would be even less.

On the other hand, a 100 sq ft bathroom remodel cost would be much higher. Bigger size means you can accommodate custom storage solutions, an independent shower enclosure, a new mirror, a toilet, and even a bathtub.

But replacing or resurfacing these items can put a dent in your pocket. For large bathrooms, the bath remodeling services can quickly exceed the $15,000-$20,000 mark. It’s best to consult a professional bath remodeling contractor to get an exact estimate of your project.

2. Type of the Bathroom Remodel

The overall bathroom remodel cost in Orange County will also depend on what type of bath you want. In short, smaller baths with fewer amenities will attract lower remodeling costs. Adding a new sink, a fresh coat of paint, and bathroom cabinets are considerably cost-effective.

However, a midrange bathroom remodel can be slightly expensive. This bath remodel includes adding ceramic tile floors, new chrome fixtures, a single-level shower handle, a standard-sized vanity counter, and a toilet. Although not expensive, it will be higher than an average 5×8 bathroom remodel cost.

Remodeling an upscale bathroom would be the most expensive project. It often involves expanding or adjusting the layout. Moreover, the finishing touches include high-end bath accessories, cabinets, mirrors, and lights. But it also tends to offer the highest return on your remodeling costs.

3. Materials

The materials you use will also determine your bathroom remodel cost in Orange County. And surprisingly, even the smallest bath upgrades need a large number of products. A typical bath remodel involves buying materials like:

  • Shower
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets         
  • Toilet 
  • Vanity 
  • Flooring         
  • Paint   
  • Plumbing accessories

The price range for these materials will vary. Usually, high-end and branded accessories will cost more. But they will also last longer. Pro tip – take your time to shop around and compare different products before remodeling your bath.

4. Contractor/Labor

Labor costs also play a huge role in determining your overall bath remodel budget. Depending on the scope of your remodeling project, you may need a designer, plumber, carpenter, electrician, and demolisher. Instead of recruiting each expert independently, hire a bath remodeling contractor.

They have all the necessary expertise and tools to finish your project quickly and efficiently. Another pro tip – talk to and compare multiple bath remodeling contractors to find the one that best fits your needs.

D. Can DIY Bath Remodeling Help You Save Money?

Yes, DIY can be more cost-effective than hiring a bath remodeling contractor. However, a DIY job will not offer professional results like an experienced contractor will. To begin with, DIY bathroom remodeling can take a very long time. It could end up costing you more money than it would hire a contractor.

Furthermore, even a small bathroom remodel can be stressful, especially when you are doing it alone. But hiring a contractor will take these worries away. When you hire an experienced contractor, you don’t have to worry about tearing down the wrong wall or accidentally breaking your plumbing. So, unless you are an experienced DIYer, it’s wise to hire a contractor.

The Bottom Line

A beautiful bathroom can deliver joy, comfort, and functionality. But the cost of remodeling your bathroom can run into hundreds of dollars. It is necessary to plan your bath remodeling project beforehand. Hopefully, this post will help you better understand bathroom remodel cost in Orange County.

Ready to hire a bath remodeling contractor? OMG Kitchen & Bath can help you. Our experts will take care of everything from an estimate to finishing your project. For more information, feel free to contact us today!

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