Steer Clear of These 8 Common Kitchen Backsplash Mistakes

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February 6, 2023 / 6 Minute Read

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Choosing the right backsplash can be one of the most challenging aspects of a kitchen remodel. Being an incredibly important focal point, backsplashes help tie your kitchen together. You really can’t afford to go wrong with them.

That said, backsplashes are often an afterthought for homeowners and uninitiated remodelers. But considering the vast variety of options out there, you should take your time picking a pattern, color, and layout that suits your space’s overall vibe. Remember, all parts of your kitchen will have to work together to make it sing: and the backsplash is an integral component of this composition.

8 Kitchen Backsplash Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a lot you might not know about purchasing a backsplash for your kitchen. And for DIYers, potential traps can cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we have collated eight mistakes to avoid when buying a kitchen backsplash.

1. Installing a Busy Backsplash in a Busy Kitchen

An excess of elements in your kitchen can make your room feel small, claustrophobic, and cluttered. It’s best to pair busy granite counters with a simple, minimalist backsplash. This way, none of the features will be fighting for attention.

On the other hand, you can always choose an ornate statement backsplash if the rest of your kitchen is relatively bare. The key is to ensure a good balance, so the design feels intentional.

2. Measuring Incorrectly

There are no second chances when it comes to designing a kitchen backsplash. Unless the tiles fit together tightly, you might see moisture seeping in: and that can lead to further disasters. Hence, you must take precise measurements to figure out exactly how much tile to buy.

Here are a few steps to take accurate measurements for your backsplash:

  • Use a tape measure to map out the area. Be careful not to leave out any nooks or corners. 
  • Account for outlets, window sills, and other features that can disrupt the tile flow. 
  • Consider the thickness of the tile. Make sure it matches up with the counter. 
  • Create a rough blueprint of where you want each tile to go.

3. Selecting an Imbalanced Color Palette

This is another common kitchen backsplash mistake people make- overlooking the color palette. The backsplash you choose should harmonize with your countertop, cabinets, paint, and other materials. For example, a kitchen with beige countertops and wooden cabinets would look perfect with wood-grain finish subway tiles. It’s the ideal complement to your kitchen’s existing décor.

4. Using White Grout in Messy Locations

Although white grout looks exquisite when first installed, it can create several problems for your backsplashes. Here’s why.

Grout is porous and absorbs grease that splashes onto it. If it’s located behind your stovetop or prep areas, it’s bound to get dirty. You must pick a darker shade that hides all the grime between cleaning sessions.

In this regard, note that your choice of grout color will directly impact the overall look of your backsplash. Darker grout will emphasize individual tiles, while lighter tones will help blend them. Both options have their merits, meaning it’s up to you to decide what looks good in your kitchen.

5. Choosing a Bold-Colored Backsplash Without Careful Consideration

Don’t get us wrong: bold backsplashes can be extremely eye-catching and a trendy addition to your kitchen. However, you have got to love the color. Bold-colored backsplashes can become a dominant feature in your kitchen- so be careful what you wish for.

Furthermore, when you opt for a bold, prominent color, it can easily take away from the rest of your kitchen. The new cabinet system you’re so proud of? Well, that won’t look too good against a bright glass tile.

In case you have your heart set on a bold color, think about how the rest of your kitchen holds everything together. You can play with open shelving and closed lower cabinets to let your bold backsplash take center stage.

Are bold colors not your thing? Try using easily replaceable accessories to add a splash of color to your kitchen. You can also add light furniture to create a centerpiece in your kitchen.

6. Interrupting the Flow of the Backsplash

Backsplashes can carry a person’s eye around your kitchen, making it appear seamless and welcoming. That is, only when the flow is correct.

Generally speaking, your backsplash should flow between your upper and lower cabinets. You can also run it to the ceiling, no questions asked. Just remember to not stop the backsplash abruptly and disrupt the flow of the pattern. This will only end up making your space feel smaller.

7. Not Experimenting with Tile Orientation

We can’t stress this enough: vertical and diagonal backsplashes are just as valid as their horizontal counterparts. If anything, they can bring a ton of intrigue to your space.

You do not have to run your backsplash tiles from left to right. Place it in a herringbone pattern or grid setting to spice things up. The more you play around with tile orientation, the likelier you are to stumble upon a unique design.

8. Installing Backsplashes First

This is a huge no-no. Backsplash installation should always be last on your kitchen remodel checklist. You should only move on to your backsplashes when you’re done placing your cabinets and countertops.

The reason behind this is simple. When you install your backsplash first, you may have to adjust it to make room for other kitchen elements. Not only can this ramp up your expenses, but might also be a colossal waste of effort. It’s always best to do everything in the right order to improve your kitchen renovation experience.

The Bottom Line

Few things influence your kitchen’s overall décor as an attractive backsplash. It creates the perfect backdrop for your cabinets, rangehood, open shelves, and wall space. Hence, it only makes sense for you to pick one with care. Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into a few mistakes you should avoid when selecting a beautiful kitchen backsplash.

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