8 Plumbing Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Worth

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October 10, 2022 / 7 Minute Read

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For most homeowners, one of the most important factors when planning a home renovation relates to recovering the costs incurred during the project. In other words, homeowners want the renovation to increase their house’s market value, especially if it going to be up for sale in the near future.

If you want to enhance its worth before selling it, you might want to give upgrading your bathroom and kitchen plumbing a serious thought. All you need to do is hire experienced commercial kitchen plumbing professionals, and sit back and relax as they work their magic.

Choosing plumbing enhancements that meet not only your needs, but also those of potential home buyers can be beneficial from the practical and financial standpoint.

Needless to say, it’s important to strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. After all, a renovated home should be able to provide you with enjoyment as well as significant equity.

With that in mind, it makes sense to safeguard your investment by hiring professional providers of plumbing and electrical services in Orange County.

Here are a few upgrades you should consider for your home.

1. Pipes and Drains

Old pipes tend to get rusty, cracked, leaky or clogged over time, bringing down the efficiency of your kitchen and bathroom. Outdated plumbing can also lead to other issues such as low water pressure, damage to electrical appliances, impurities in water supply, and flooding and sewer backups.

A proper inspection of your drains and pipes will reveal their current condition and the various problems they could pose in the coming years. So, it makes sense to get this done through proven kitchen plumbing specialists.

Even though potential buyers will not see the effort behind the upgrades, a well-functioning and blockage-free plumbing system will make things super convenient for you.

2. Dishwasher

A lot of old houses do not have dishwashers. Other homes may have a dishwasher in the main kitchen, but not in the guest house kitchenette, or another similar addition to their abode.

Whether you choose to replace an old dishwasher or install a new one, it’s going to enhance the value of your home. After all, you as well the future owners of the house stand to save a lot of time on a daily and cumbersome chore with just one simple addition to your kitchen plumbing.

Modern dishwashers use less water and soap to clean dishes. So, you also save on water bills. Over time, the dishwasher you install will end up paying for itself.

3. Water Heater

All homes require hot water supply. So, if your bathroom water heater is over a decade old or not functioning properly, consider replacing it with an upgraded model. Newer models are technologically advanced and can, therefore, help you save on energy bills, conserve water, and boost your home’s resale value.

When it comes to kitchen plumbing, consider a tankless water heater. It is a water-saving option for households that don’t need large amounts of hot water at once. They only heat the water as you need it, preventing wastage of energy when hot water is not required.

4. Pipe Insulation

This factor is often overlooked at the time of building or buying a new house. Most pipes and heaters are located in the basement of the house, which tends to be cooler than the other areas. This is where insulation comes into the picture. If your house’s basement doesn’t have a proper ceiling, insulation can go a long way.

The best thing about insulating your pipes is that it is easy and affordable. You can perform small jobs yourself by using pipe wraps or sleeves. These are available at any hardware store and fit easily over pipes to add a layer of warmth and protection.

You’ll also do well to cover up the pipes and faucets located in the exterior of your home, even if they’re already insulated. The added layer of protection can prevent them from freezing (and cracking) in harsh winters.

5. Toilets

If you have an old toilet, you probably have to plunge it frequently, which leads to water wastage. New toilets, on the other hand, come with low-flow flushes, which help you better manage your use of water. They also allow extra power, when needed.

Modern toilets come with several features that offer a great deal of convenience. These include:

  • Water jets for better hygiene
  • Heated seats
  • Hand grips/bars for assistance while sitting and standing
  • Voice-control functionalities

Having these toilet features can make your bathroom look and feel luxurious. For more plumbing upgrade ideas for your home, speak with experienced bathroom and kitchen plumbing experts.

6. Garbage Disposal

Another often undermined feature of a home’s kitchen plumbing system is the garbage disposal. But as the preferred remodeling contractors in Orange County, we can assure you that getting a new garbage disposal in the right size can make a huge difference when you do put your home on the market.

That’s because it’s an effective way to dispose off the usual kitchen waste, such as food scraps or egg shells, by disintegrating everything into small pieces. This makes it easy for the waste to pass through the plumbing.

This is exactly the kind of home upgrade that makes a house more appealing to homebuyers. The best part is that with the right plumbing team, installing a garbage disposal is relatively easy and affordable.

7. Eco-friendly Fixtures

Eco-friendly fixtures result in not only a positive environmental impact, but also a favorable economic impact. The cost-saving effects of eco-friendly fittings are sure to go a long way in wooing prospective homebuyers.

Common upgrades in this category include a low-flow showerhead and a more energy-efficient water heater. Other small maintenance measures such as mending/replacing leaky faucets and pipes can also help improve your bathroom and kitchen plumbing efficiency, while bringing down your water bill.

8. Extra Bathroom

Adding an extra bathroom in your home can do wonders for improving your home’s resale value, and can be a big attraction for homebuyers, especially those with families.

If you cannot add more square footage to your home for creating a new bathroom, consider repurposing another existing space, such as the laundry room or a part of your basement.

Make sure to consult providers of reliable plumbing and electrical services in Orange County to ensure a thorough job with no loose ends.

Let Our Experienced Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Professionals Help You Boost Your Home’s Value

When you want stellar results, working with seasoned services for commercial kitchen plumbing and electrical repair in Orange County can pay off. Half-baked upgrades or a job that needs redoing can be a huge inconvenience as well as put in a dent in your finances. So, make sure you hire only proven experts for the job.

If you’re a resident of Orange County, OMG Kitchens will help you transform your home and increase its worth without breaching your budget. We’re a trusted and licensed bathroom and kitchen plumbing services provider. We can also help you remodel your Orange County home to create a place of your dreams. Call us at 948-540-8859 today or fill our online form to make inquiries.

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